Lunch in London at Dalloway Terrace

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Dalloway Terrace is one of London’s little tucked away gems that’s becoming not so secret…


Off a side street near Tottenham Court road, you walk past a gorgeous free standing florists to a big archway to enter the restaurant. As you walk up the stairs and through the doors, it’s almost as if you’ve gone through the wardrobe into Narnia and there infront of you is a magical winter wonderland.







We got there quite early for lunch and so were luckily the only ones there! Straight away we were attended to by some very friendly and helpful staff with water and our menus.



As we ensconced ourselves on the cosy fur chairs we perused the menu and took in the seasonal surroundings.



We ordered the crispy pig cheeks with mustard crème fraîche, apple & raisin chutney to start which was absolutely delicious – the only downside was that there wasn’t more because I had to share hehe!


This was followed by the salad with Kale, avocado, pomegranate, raddish and rocket salad for me, which was presented beautifully and tasted just as good as it looked. Plus, it was super healthy will all the superfood and antioxidants.


So I was feeling pretty good about myself until my date (ahem, my mum) was served the veal steak and truffle fries with parmesan #foodporn and I couldn’t resist, they were just too delicious… but maybe, if you are actually on a date when you go there and not with ya mum, don’t have them as… garlic. ‘Nuff said hahaha.


After that was all polished off we were asked if we would like dessert… urm, hello, always! Best part of any meal, duh! So we went for the rum savarin with glazed pineapple and coconut ice cream and I wasn’t disappointed.


However, the real star of the show was the coffee. Anyone that knows me knows I drink coffee on a Lorelai Gilmore level and I’m also obviously the typical blogger that always takes pictures of food, drinks… and latte art in particular. This time was no different.


As my coffee arrived, I was busy snapping away on my… instagram story, SLR, snapchat… all the cameras! Then, suddenly this waiter (soon introduced as Aladdin!) came over and insisted he’d make me another one that was much more ‘instagrammable’ if it’s going online!!! I died!! Okay, obviously not literally, but my heart melted… but it reappeared again on the foam! (sorry that was a terrible joke!) and he gave the other one to my mum (lol soz mum) and the new latte art to me…



Apparently, Aladdin has won awards for his latte art so next time I go I’m asking for a snowman… or maybe a genie (if you get this reference – and I really hope you do – comment below!) So, if you go to Dalloway terrace, make sure you ask for Aladdin to make your latte art, and tell him I sent you – he really is the Prince of coffee!

I’m always looking for more places to go eat at and discover in London – do you have any suggestions? If so I’d love to know in the comments!

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