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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know I just recently got back from my travels to Australia where I was staying in Sydney. I had an incredible time… from the activities I did, to the weather, to, you guessed it, the food…

I was staying in Bondi where there was a huge vegan scene. Everyone’s super healthy and fit and there’s so many cafes and restaurants that are purely vegan (or have lots of vegan options) which is awesome, because we just don’t have those options in London! My best friend (who I was going out there to visit) is also vegan so she took me to one place in particular that fast became my favourite cafe in Sydney…

Sadhana Kitchen

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Credit: Sadhana Kitchen



My understanding of the word Sadhana is that is an ego-transcending spiritual practice – a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal to become the best you can be… with the way you eat, sit, stand, breathe, and just be in your mind body and energy. And this is exactly what the cafe embraces. It makes Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free Food… but more importantly, it’s all DELICIOUS.

Sadhana Kitchen offers breakfast, lunch, all day brunch and sweet treats like cakes and donuts.

Because I loved the cafe so much I actually ate there about 4/5 times while I was in Sydney and I’m not even embarassed because I wanted to try everything on the menu haha!

I had the waffles…

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The avocado toast…

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The smoothies…

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The special coffees with their home made nut mylks…

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And the star of the show, the banoffee cheescake!!! It was honestly the most amazing pudding I have EVER had… and yes it was all vegan.  I swear to you you wouldn’t know it was vegan if you did a blind tasting and weren’t told what it was.

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What I also love about Sadhana Kitchen is that it hosts loads of community events like meditation classes, yoga workshops, 7 course raw food degustation dinners and other celebrations like sacred cacao ceremonies and marking when there are particular world movements like earth hour.

This just again highlights the whole concept of what the kitchen is about – practicing ways to be the best you can be in mind body and soul.

After eating a lot of vegan food in my time at Sydney, I have changed the way I look at food and incorporate a lot more veganism into my lifestlye.

Have you tried vegan food? Are there any places I’m missing out on in London? Let me know in the comments below!

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