Spring-fresh Seafood Linguine Recipe

I love cooking. I love creating new recipes and experimenting with ideas.
This dish is one that I have spent a good few goes perfecting until I finally found the current concoction. It’s the perfect dinner for those sunny spring days when you want something light and fresh, but have had enough of the superfood salads! You see, I’m on the seafood diet. Whenever I see food, I eat it. *groan* sorry.

Moving on – to make 8 portions ( I cooked it for my family of 6, which made 6 very generous portions, but we’re just greedy 😉 ) you will need:

2x bags of fresh linguine
2x packs of prawns
2x packs of crayfish tails
2x limes
1x bag of coriander
1x bag of chillies / 4 regular chillies
chilli infused olive oil
salt & pepper


Start by boiling a large pan of water.
Whilst it’s boiling, prepare your bits ‘n’ bobs (technical term…)
Chop your coriander, dice and de-pip your chillies and juice your lime.




Once the water is boiled, add your linguine and bring back to the boil for 4 minutes.
This gives you just about enough time to pour yourself a generous glass of wine (you know, to make sure it wasn’t corked for your guests…it’s what’s classed as being a good host if you ask me!)

white burgundy

Once boiled, drain the pasta into a colander and pop back in the pan (minus any water) and add the coriander, chilli, chilli oil and squeeze of lime.






Finally, add your prawns and crayfish tails and mix it all together and voila, dinner is served all in a matter of about 10 minutes – not bad ‘eh!







Now, I’m a bit of a wine fanatic and love to know which wine goes with what foods, why that is and how the wine can actually bring out certain flavours of food and vice versa – but the trick is, to drink the right one!

For this dish, I would recommend Waitrose’ White Burgundy – it’s a dry, well rounded medium bodied chardonnay. It has a smooth finish with hints of apple and citrus – a good complexity to complement the freshness of the dish. And at under £9 a bottle, it deemed very satisfying indeed!




Now all that’s left to do, is twizzle that linguine on your fork…


and devour a juicy mouthful!


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