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Tokimiete, the newest Japanese restaurant on the block, opened up on 23 Conduit Street in Mayfair, London, fusing the flair of Japanese food in the delves of a street somewhere essentially english.

Tokimiete opened on the 23rd November, so we were one of its first customers and were excited to try the cuisine!

If you’ve been reading my blog since I started, you’ll know I have a serious obsession with sushi, but my mum on the otherhand, had never had Japanese food. Therefore, I thought in order to rectify this, I took her straight to Tokimiete for some true authentic Japanese food.


It features flavours of the wa-shoku cuisine and offers award-winning Japanese wagyu beef.

Created through a collaboration between world-renowned Michelin-starred Kyoto chef Yoshihiro Murata and acclaimed designer Yasumichi Morita, Tokimeitē is set over three levels, with each space characterised by a unique design aesthetic inspired by the traditions of Japanese crafts and festivals.

The first floor is ‘en’ meaning ‘flame’, which is interpreted by the warmth and the fire from the robata grill and josper charcoal oven, where everything is hand-crafted and beautifully cooked.


The second is ‘mizu’ meaning ‘water’, because it’s surrounded by silvery glistening and jewel-like accents from the lights and the rippled handmade glass infuses a cool watery calm as if droplets are forming behind frosted glass.



The third is called ‘moku’ meaning ‘wood’ as it uses intricate timber latticework, creating a cosy sanctum.



As we went for lunch, we were recommended to get the ‘lunch bento’ which is essentially a box filled with goodies.

In our box, we had a choice of meats and fish, but as their ‘piece de resistance’ is wagyu beef, and my mum had never had this beef-ore, we inevitably went for wagyu teriyaki beef. Accompanying this was fried chicken balls and spinach and creamed sesame. Each set also included a side salad, a bowl of wagyu walnut rice and mussel miso soup…

All this, for £25!

As we went for lunch, we didn’t fancy drinking a lot but did fancy a tipple or two to complement our meals. The somelier was so helpful and chose a sake for my mum as she’d never tried it before and a turkish red wine for me as I was having beef. It may seem a little strange to have turkish wine at a japanese restaurant but don’t knock it ’til you try it! He recommended it to me for a reason. It was called the Mahra Bogazkere & Okuzgozu, Yazgan. This blend of two indigenous Turkish varieties was richly ripe, vivid in colour and supple in character. It had soft tannins and almost a smoky cherry black tea like subtlety on the palate.


The wagyu beef was so tenderly seared, it literally melted in your mouth…



This salad, made you want to gobble up your five a day. It was slathered in some kind of wasabi sesame sauce that I had to restrain my mum from ordering seconds!


This wagyu walnut rice was stuffed with fried egg and edamame beans.


And just because we weren’t gluttonous enough, we ordered a side of prawn tempura sushi, only to be eaten with this spicy teriyaki mayo, which the restaurant kindly made up for me upon my request!




I’m not gonna even broth-er explaining what this one is…  but I will tell you that it was souper!


We washed the meal down with a pot of mint tea…


and a cappuccino for me!


What I loved about this place, as well as the food, was the fact that down to the last T, there was something authentic and raw about Tokimeite – either represented in the wooden cutlery, the interior design, the way the food was cooked or the service!

The service was impeccable, staff warm, friendly and very helpful, atmosphere enticing and food just down right delicious!

There’s nothing I can fault about Tokimeite and I have no doubt the restaurant will do very well for itself.

Now I just need to plan my return – I’m thinking dinner…

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