Digging our own Christmas Tree from Sand Castle, Devon

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a couple of months you’ll know my family has a cottage in the countryside in the beautiful little village called Sidbury in East Devon.

I’ve been spending more and more time at our cottage recently and we decided this year it would be nice to have a christmas tree in our cottage for when we visit even though we are spending christmas in Hertford (where my home home is).

There’s nothing better than having a real christmas tree – when you trundle out of bed early in the morning and shuffle downstairs to make your morning cup of tea, to be greeted by that gorgeous scent of pine… nothing beats it!

We knew that Sand Castle, an elizabethan grade II listed property with immense grounds in the village was not only selling christmas trees, but they had been growing them for a year, as they plant them every year.

Back in the summer they opened the grounds as they grow magnificent flowers, (I’ll do a blog post about this next year!) and we could see the christmas trees just starting to sprout, ready for when the people in the village would come back to pick them come winter. We did just that!







You can walk round, choose the tree you like and cut or dig it yourself. They provide some tools, although you may prefer to bring your own.

They sell a mixture of species and at a range of heights from 1ft to 15ft including:

Grand Firs that smell of oranges
Slim, silvery Frasers Firs
Stately Nordmann Firs
Grey-green Noble Firs
and (of course)
Norway Spruce, the traditional Christmas tree

Hi ho Hi ho, it was off the way we go…



Scouting the land for the greatest tree of them all…





We found a strong contender! We were aiming for a 3-4footer to fit by our open fire.


and one to rival…


How cute are these little baby christmas trees?



IMG_6483 (1)

We went with our gut and the first one we chose! Now it was time to get digging…


Which I found absolutely hilarious, as it’s a lot harder than it looks, even though it’s half my size haha…





Then all we had to do, was carry it home and get decorating!

Below you’ll find the finished festive article…


DSC03205 DSC03206

If you live in devon or near Sidbury, I’d highly recommend doing this – for one it means they’re more fresh, it’s definitely a lot more exciting and the best thing about it is that because you dig it up with its roots, it means you can plant it in your garden afterwards! An ALL-YEAR ROUND CHRISTMAS TREE… this is how I feel about that…


Merry Christmas everyone!

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