Grape Expectations – Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir

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Have you been trying to find a product that primes, tones, sets, moisturises and fights acne?

Well look no further my friends because I’m about to share with you the holy grail of all beauty… Big talk, I know. But I’ve got grape expectations for Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir and here’s why you should too…

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Once upon a time, according to folklore, a spellbound book was discovered by the River Seine in Paris – i it, was a recipe for the beauty elixir used by the Queen Isabelle of Hungary in 16th century as a youth enhancer, to woo the King of Poland with her glowing complexion. Needless to say, she was apparently successful in her endeavour and so the beauty exlixir became legendary and thus inspired all of Mathilde’s Caudalie line.
     Now, we know the french make great wine, but did you know there’s something else they use their grapes for? (get my grape expectations pun yet!?) In the olden days in the French vineyards, young girls used grapevine sap on their face and hands, to reduce dark spots and brighten their complexion. It is this ancient tradition that inspired Caudalie to use the ingredient in sap in their products – this is called viniferine.
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Caudalie only sources its vine extracts from French Vineyards (Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy) and there’s something so wholesome in the fact that something can be used twofold – for wine and for beauty – two of my favourite things.
     According to Caudalie, the vines have a huge amount of benefits. We’ve already discussed the sap, but did you know Caudalie was the first company to offer cosmetics with stabilised grape-seed polyphenols,  which is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in the world of botanics!
     What’s more, the grape water from the vines has powerful properties.
The science process behind it is that the:
  1. Rainwater is filtered by the earth
  2. Enriched in minerals and trace elements
  3. Water is filtered by vine roots
  4. Production of vitamin C and polysaccharides during photosynthesis
  5. The grapes are filled with this beneficial water, enriched with calcium, potassium and moisturizing saccharide. This plant water is thus filled with active ingredients which activate the hydration system in your skin – which in turn prevents your skin from creating excess oil when it is dehydrated and therefore prevents acne from appearing.

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Ingredients and Benefits

What I love even more (if that’s possible) is that the beauty elixir contains 100% natural ingredients. There’s no nasty parabens, or sulfates and it’s not tested on animals.

It contains:

Lemon balm – anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and healing/soothing so great for acne sufferers.

Peppermint – anti septic, anti microbial and  can aid in oil secretion in skin, therefore preventing acne.

Rose – tones, has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin and can get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Rosemary – energises, helps protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals and is also antiseptic.

Grape – boosts radiance, moisturises and is an antioxidant, as well as all the properties I’ve listed above

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Seven Skin Savour Secrets
  1. Acts as a great primer/setting spray
  2. Can be used as a toner after cleansing as it tightens pores
  3. Gives a boost of radiance by spritzing throughout the day
  4. Smoothes away fine lines
  5. Fights acne
  6. Soothes skin and calms the mind from inhaling the aromas
  7. Helps protect against UV damage from the sun

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How to use

Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Then, generously spritz onto your face before you moisturise (avoid those pretty eyes of yours though!) and you’re good to go!

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