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Following my foodie post where I went to Le Gavroche in London for a special dinner, I thought I’d show you what I wore for the evening… and give you some tips on how to dress for a high end restaurant, as this was something I really struggled with myself and would have appreciated a blog post like this to read beforehand haha! So, think of this post like your wardrobe worry agony aunt and without further adieu…


My outfit of the night in Mayfair was mainly monochrome but by no means mono-toned. You can wear classic colours that are demure without them being boring. Long are the days gone wear black was ever boring. With the right accessories, hair and make-up, you can make this type of outfit look super chic! And I’m sure you probably have an LBD hiding in the back of your closet somewhere…

Here are my top tips for what to wear when going out for a special dinner to a high end restaurant… You want to ensure:

a) You’re comfortable in what you’re wearing! There’s nothing worse than feeling stiff, constricted or that you can’t move in the outfit you’ve got on. Something expandable is also preferable for those who like to eat every morsel on the plate…aka yours truly(!) amirite?

b) It’s a suitable length! Last thing you want is to have your dress riding up when you sit down so you have to desperately cover yourself with your napkin. Now, if you’re a leggy lady like myself (I’m 5ft10), gurrl, I hear you, it’s hard to find a dress that’s not too short, or you think is fine until your mum is like… put those thighs away Katie. But actually, these days, there’s so many ‘tall’ sections of stores now for those 5ft9 and above – plus, midis are super popular right now! Also, for those under 5ft9, you’re all gravy, most styles should be a decent length on you and if not, there’s no reason why you can’t shop in the ‘tall’ section too!

c) Your outfit suits the environment. I only say this because with places like Le Gavroche, there is a dress code. So, you don’t want to be turning up wearing a bright yellow or orange chiffon dress when it’s not your prom… Unless it’s a prom themed restaurant. Which is highly unlikely haha. You’ll also feel like you stick out like a sore thumb and trust me, you wanna be focusing on what you’re eating during the evening when you’re actually at the dinner rather than focusing on what you’re wearing. As an example, everybody knows you wear hats to Ascot… there’s hardly anyone that doesn’t! So, if you turned up and you were the only one not wearing a hat, chances are you’d feel a little left out. Same goes for the restaurant you’re at.So my advice would be to do your research before you go – most restaurants tell you what their dress code is on their website. On the other hand, if you drink enough wine, you probably won’t care haha!

d) Wear shoes you can walk in! Even if you are getting an uber straight to the restaurant and back – you’ll still be walking around the restaurant and bar area and you don’t want to be tottering around in heels that are so high you can’t even walk in.

e) Do you! Even though I’ve given a rough ‘guideline’ of how you should dress for a high end restaurant, the main thing is that you feel like yourself in your outfit. As long as you feel like you, and that your personality is reflected, nothing else will matter.

I wore a Julien Macdonald bodycon dress a couple sizes too big so that it skimmed me and wasn’t too tight (more room for pudding!) paired with my trusty Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots which are super comfortable to walk in, but also add a touch of glamour to the outfit. For my bag I used my Mulberry Lily which is great because it packs in everything I need for an evening and also has a chain which adds a bit of jewellery and pazaz to the outfit! For jewellery I wore my Michael Kors watch, and rings and my ‘love’ necklace from Wanderlust and Co, which does gorgeous dainty jewellery at a really reasonable price.

For my hair and makeup, I used Nume to style my locks so they had a slight wave. Using heat really brings out colour as well, so that my blonde looked more highlighted. For makeup, I kept it simple, with a copper shadow to bring out my blue eyes and Kylie Jenner lip kit in candy k (which is sick by the way her products are awesome!)

At the end of this post I’ve added pictures and links to potential outfits you could wear to a high end restaurant, so make sure to check them out!


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