Peppermint Popping Candy Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Fireworks night is just round the corner and what better way to celebrate than to cosy up with a fireworks inspired hot chocolate made with peppermint and popping candy after seeing a spectacular display!

Read on for the oh-so-simple but oh-so-delicious recipe…

It’s a great one to make for a group of friends, family or maybe as a showstopper for that special someone on a cosy night in… #justsayin

You will need (for 2x people):


1 pint semi skimmed milk (or any alternative you like if you prefer a non-dairy alternative, but I find thicker milk makes for a creamier hot choc!)

2 handfuls of marshmallows

1 can of squirty whipped cream ( enough for the hot chocolates, and for after… for seconds of course you minx! 😉 )

1 teaspoon peppermint puree (can use essence, but you will need 2 teaspoonfuls if you use this)

Drinking chocolate powder (I used 6 dessert spoonfuls)

Popping candy (I used chocolate and normal)

Gold star and bronze edible decorations

*It’s worth mentioning I bought everything from waitrose but they sell all of these ingredients in most supermarkets, if not online


Mason Jars (or your favourite mugs!)

Measuring Jug


Bialetti Tutti Crema (or a pan!)




DSC02722First, measure your 1 pint of milk…

DSC02723Then, add to your Bialetti Tutti Crema or your pan…


You need to get the temperature to 70 degrees celcius for perfect plunging and heat!

The idea, especially with the Bialetti Tutti Crema, is that when you plunge the milk, it froths really well at this temperature. If you don’t have this device/don’t want to bother getting one, just whisk your hot choc in your pan with a hand-held whisk – same effect, just more elbow grease…


DSC02728Once heated to 70 degrees celsius, pour 6 spoonfuls of your favourite hot chocolate in and stir vigorusly. I then pop it back on the heat again just to make sure it’s all melted through as there’s nothing worse than lumpy hot chocolate.

Next, add in your peppermint paste and plunge for 30 seconds.



Hopefully, it should look like a less fuzzy version of the below…


Now, pour into your mugs or mason jars.


DSC02735Squirt the cream round in circles on top, not forgetting to pop some in your mouth just to make sure, you know, it’s not gone off or anything..

DSC02736Then, decorate! The great thing about this recipe, is you can be as messy as you want. Fireworks are crazy and so can you be with your popping candy, so sprinkle it over everything!




DSC02742Finally, serve on a tray to your lucky guest! I picked up this beaut rose gold copper tray from a gardening store in Otter St Nursery in Devon because I thought it went with the fireworks theme, which I’m totally in love with. Maybe I’m just seeing it through rose-tinted glasses… (lol?)




If you recreate this, let me know in the comments or take a photo and tag me in your instagram pics @Katie_Harriet 🙂

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