Top 10 reasons to binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix

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Gilmore Girls. The holy grail of pop culture comical quirky goodness. That’s the only way it can be described. Oh also, cawfee.

Okay so I’m guessing you’re here because you either:

a) haven’t ever watched gilmore girls before, but you keep hearing everyone bang on about it and want to know 10 top reasons why you should actually bite the bullet and binge watch it on netflix


b) you’ve already watched season 1-7 a zillion times on repeat but are just so excited about the revival you want to read everything you can about the beloved dynamic duo and to see if we have the same reasons to bing watch it… #relateable

ALSO, people that ticked the a) box, don’t be put off by my reference in box b) about there being 7 seasons, no no nooooo, if anything, it is a gilmore girls rite of passage to become so good at bingewatching that you therefore become conditioned to finishing all episodes in three weeks… I do believe lorelai and rory regularly watch all of the godfathers in one sitting. Case closed. Plus, if you reeeally don’t have time to fit it all in, in 3 weeks because ahem #adulthood, you can take your time, because it ain’t goin’ nowhere, the old and coming seasons are here to stay.

Right, let me get on with the reasons:

1) It will turn any frown upside down with its infectious quick witted comical value and characters whose personalities are lit and will literally make you LOL (who doesn’t love to laugh!?)






2) Melissa McCarthy. ‘Nuff said. We da real OG fans. JOIN US.







3) It inspires you to work hard. Both Lorelai and Rory are hard grafters and high achievers and this is great inspo for both school, uni and the office.


4) Lorelai and Rory are great role models of opposite spectrums. E.g. Mother and daughter with 16 years between them: Rory is a straight A student, goes to Yale etc. but Lorelai manages to run and manager her own inn and worked her way up starting as a maid. Shows you can do anything when you put your mind to it!

5) ALSO, following on from point 4, they both mess up (don’t want to include any spoilers) but it’s proof that everyone makes mistakes and it reminds you you’re not alone with that.


6) It values the importance of friends and family.

7) It gives you relationship advice. The good, the bad and the ugly… Am I talking about Rory’s 3 boyfriends? hehe you’ll have to watch to find out!


8) It teaches you life lessons. You’ll understand when you watch it.

9) Autumn. Fall. Depending on if you’re british or american – does this season speak to your soul? Then this is the show for you.

10) It throwsback to noughties pop culture in case you want to relive any of that golden material!

Extra reason: Theme tune. ‘Where you lead’ by Carole King. No need to shazam. You’re welcome.

*Side Effects* Please read:

May induce sudden caffeine withdrawal and constant coffee obsession.


May create unwarranted desire to indulge in junk food.


Have I convinced you?


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  • Jessica

    Yes! Love this post, so excited about the new Gilmore Girls!xx

    • Katie

      Aww thanks 🙂 and yayyy Gilmore Girls is the best!! have you watched a year in the life yet? xo

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